How to beat Blitzcrank
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Punch your enemys in the face Report
Make yourself a meat shield between him and your ad carry. Try to stay in close of your carry so if somehow he manages to grab them you can W them back to safety. Report
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Oh, you pulled me into your whole team so i can get an easy 5 man ult? Gee thanks, blitz! Report
Don't flash forward when he pulls, flash to side or behind him. Report
ult yourself before blitzcrank hook you. Then Q him. 3 Autos. Repeat Report
Your main goal is to keep your adc safe until lv 6. Ward safely, E them on blitz pulls and W their adc if you must fight. Use your minions to your advantage and don't let him get a flank. Post 6 anybody that is pulled try to ult them and W the big threat Report
You beat blitz because of some pretty obvious things, Just get in front of the adc when blitz tries to grab, and just knock blitz to the adc if he pulls you. Report
Move in different directions constantly. This confuses him as to where you will move next, making it harder for him to land q's. Report
Blitz is bad against every tanky supp. This is just what naut is. you can easylie bodyblock thje hook and engage on the other adc. Report
Try to get Blitz to pull u in and knock u up. When he has done that just e over to their adc and stun him. Blitz is now pretty useless and can't do anything to protect the enemy's adc. Begin game this might be dangerous, but later you're tanky enough. Report
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