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How to counter Fiora as Nasus
Fiora got high burst, try to wither her untill those steriods are gone, then normal hit her to get stop her parry before q
If you go in to do damage to her with your Q, make sure to lure out her parry first with a basic attack. That'll remove her pre-emptive parry and allow you an open shot with your Siphon Strike.
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How to counter Nasus as Fiora
Weakest point of Nasus is early game. He usually have low defence and damage then and u must use it as advantage. Don't use your E first! His W will totally "disable" it. But good thing is u can parry his Q - usually 80-90% of his total damage
When he comes to Q you be prepared to use your parry
Oh and one important thing. If he builds lot of CDR - better also buy something with CDR - he will hit u with Q faster than u can again use Riposte.
Use your Q to strike his Vitals and make him scared to farm. Do this constantly and always ward because this is very gank provoking
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How to beat Fiora
ZuliusCaesar - Posted about Aug 3rd, 2014
Fiora has a stronger early game than you, especially with her attack speed steroid and scaling ad passive. However, if you start cloth, x5 pots and teleport, then you can farm enough to get either a Glacial Shroud or a Chain Vest. tp back to lane and continue to farm, when you have ~150-200 stacks you can begin to trade with her, when she engages on you, wither her drop your e and auto her, most Fiora's will expect your q and try to parry it, dont activate q at the start of the trade, try make her waster her parry. Continue to back and buy armour, you should only really need an Iceborn and a Randuins, but if its necessary buy a Thornmail. Thornmail will make sure fiora becomes useless. by 30 minutes or 350+ stacks, you can out trade her and this is when you become a late game monster.
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[ - ] Rhasntsul - Posted about Feb 3rd, 2015
Start Cloth 5 as Nasus.

Fiora does outdamage you early game. But focus on getting your Q stacks. Whenever Fiora goes in to harass you put E down and back off and let the minions chip her away. You should rush an early glacial shroud into ninja tabi and you'll be set.

Max Q>W>E>R

Bait out her parry if possible. Have fun owning their team late game :)
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