The Heart of the Freljord
Counter Tips
How to counter Braum as Vayne
Braum can block Vayne's third attack
Braum can make laning hell for Vayne, but a skilled vayne with a good support can potentially keep Braum's passive off of her since she can dodge his Q easily. Also braum being melee puts less pressure on vayne while farming.
You can dodge his Q with your Q. Same with his ultimate. With your true dmg he can't protect him even with his E.
Braum relies on getting the initial stack and slow off from Winter's Bite (Q), save your tumble until you see it, you won't need it to catch up since your passive makes you faster than most champions.
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The Night Hunter
Physical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Vayne as Braum
Be very cautious. She will shred through your shield easy with true damage and attack speed. Pick exhaust and try to stay away from her if you can.
Against vayne, the best you can do is build HP and HP regen (warmog's armor), then armor. Harass and slow her with your Q, and cancel her 3rd silver bolt with your wall to protect your adc.
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Anti-Tank vs. Tank
xNikB - Posted about May 21st, 2014
Vayne counters Braum for these reasons:

1. Vayne's true damage counters tanks because she hits through any armor they try to stack up on her.
2. She has high mobility, she can roll out of Braum's Q, roll away from Braum, or push him back. All of them prevent her from getting stunned.
3. Vayne's W makes Braum's W useless because she will hit through the armor anyway.
4. Braum's E is strong against projectile based champions but Vayne is all AA's, he wont be able to block her constant damage (maybe just save a third stack on his ADC) because she will keep doing damage until the shield is off. Even then she can use her mobility to get around his shield if you are going in.
5. She can easily roll out of his ult. She can use her ult to get around Braum and kill his ADC.
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