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How to counter Ezreal
In lane: Pay attention to the enemy minions so you can use them to dodge an Ezreal Q, while at the same time closing the distance between you and him so you can start punishing him for missing that Q. Keep pressuring him, and punish every Q he misses.
Keep hopping after every auto, it makes it harder for him to land his Q's. You might also be able to dodge his ultimate with proper timing!
If you are good you will dodge every skillshot-poke of him with ur Passive-dash
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How to counter Kalista as Ezreal
As Ezreal vs. Kalista build CD reduction. Spam ur Q all time to make ur E very small CD to dodge from Kalista spear, which one deal OP damage.
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Ezreal can win in early game.
iAkZeNT - Posted about Nov 23rd, 2014
During the lanung face, kalista's e is on a very long cool down and does not do a lot of damage. Why yes her passive makes it hard for you to hit Q's, zoning out her support will make her retreat since she would have no way to escape an engage. By doing this, you are keeping her away from minions to dodge skillshkts from, and since your Q has more range than autos, you could definetly trade in your favor. Smart players will not allow this to happen, yet anyone who understands how she works, can outsmart her. Late game is a different story, you will NOT be able to 1v1 her with autos, she will just move side-to-sode making you to miss Qs and forcing autos while she stacks spears innyour body. Team fights is were Ezreal shines.
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