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How to counter Ashe
u are kalista. u are strong early but ashe is weak early game plus ashe is really squishy. keep poking wit ur q and ur auto attack also you must keep on farming and be a higher level than her . later on u have no afraid but to beat her 1v1 .
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The Spear of Vengeance
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How to counter Kalista as Ashe
Ashe has a strong, infinite slow with her Frost Shot to prevent Kalista from kiting effectively with her Martial Poise.
Do not waste your Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Always use Ashe's Ultimate Skill wisely when your support stops Kalista from dodge it with her Martial Poise. Always wait for Thresh's Sentence, Lulu's Whimsy, Leona's Shield of Daybreak, etc etc...
Ashe slow effecs kalistas kiting, ashe does all her dmg without skillshots that could be dodged by kalista. When kalista is slowed you can use your ultimate and she cant dodge it.
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Ashe slow does not affect Kalista kiting!!!
hεntaiboii96 - Posted about Feb 22nd, 2015
Ashe slows are ineffective against kalista martial poise because it scales with enhanced movement speed, which means it scales with the tier of boots you have, ie: tier 2 boots allow you to jump further... and i believe boots of swiftness allows you to jump even further.. i think (needs confirmation). In anyway, Ashe is still stronger than kalista in lane because kalista cant dodge ashe's volley (assuming no minions around) and ashe totally outranges kalista, along with crits make small trades in favour of ashe, not to say the easy disengage from ashe against low aa speed kalista early game. Ashe's ult hitbox is ridiculous, so unless the player is bad with skillshots, its difficult for kalista to dodge even with martial poise.
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