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How to counter Ashe as Ezreal
Ezreal has much shorter cooldowns than Ashe. Ashe does have strong short trades due to W and 600 range. But Ezreal can much more consistently poke so you want to walk up aggressively with your support and force trades while volley is on cd.
Try and dodge her Ultimate (R) with you're Arcane Shift (E).
Poke her down mongo, Ashe only got 1 dmg skill before 6 while you got 2 (W is worthless). spam those Q's and make a living hell for her.
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How to counter Ezreal as Ashe
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How to win the matchup as Ashe
BOSS Achilles - Posted about Jun 26th, 2015
Although not an easy matchup, it is not a very hard one.

Early game: Play smart, don't give up free kills or position where he can hit you. Always follow his movement so the minions stay inbetween you both. You have more kill pressure with your cc albeit he has abit more damage with his Q poke if he lands it. At lvl 6, you have ALOT more kill pressure, but don't be silly with your ult usage. Use WE and he might get tricked into using his E or just WR for the sneaky ult which has a decent chance of hitting. "You miss every shot you don't take". Supports play alot into the matchup. poke/pick oriented supports are your friend.

Mid game: This is your jam. Your damage is someone close. W allows you to do alot of damage and AOE while he is restricted but with more damage on single target. But you have alot more cc. Ult to try and pick off the midlaner or do as much cc as possible in aoe slow. Position safe.

Late: Ashe late feels stronger imo, mostly due to auto range and slow.
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