How to beat Anivia
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Sitting in the range of her can bait her into using her stun offensively, this will allow you a perfect opportunity to hop on her(dodging the stun) and get off your full ultimate on the slow soft bird when her stun is on cooldown. Report
You can use your ultimate to interupt her ultimate. Report
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When engaging on her save your E, it can be used to interupt her ultimate denying her the sustained damage and slow. Report
Start the lane with a point in W, Anivia will be very adamant on autoattacking you with her 600 range. Report
You outrange the slow and immobile bird, this gives you massive lane dominance with your QW harass and you shouldn't back down. Due to the fact you can cast while moving it should be quite easy for you to dodge her snowball. Report
Bait her into trying to hit you with her snowball by sitting in range of it and then use that as an opportunity to engage on her by jumping over it with your ult. Report
Pushing early can really hurt her as her autoattack animation is really quite poor and she will have massive issues farming under tower. Report
Stick to outranging her with your E harass, shes soft and immobile and has little in order to deal with it. Report
Unless shes under a tower you don't need to worry about her passive, you will have more than enough sustained damage to kill her during laning phase. Report
Although it isn't a teleport, you can avoid her stun by ulting through it since the stun is reliant on the player reactivating the spell. Report


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