How to beat Anivia
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When you E on to her, run through her to make it difficult for her to stun you unless that stun is on cooldown, but also to make sure she can't place her wall between the 2 of you.. Report
Bait her into trying to stun you with her snowball and dodge it with your E. Then tear her to shreds as she is helpless without her stun, especially early on in the game. Report
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Her ultimate is a channel spell so you can interupt it with your E. Report
Sigil-Distortion combos are fast enough that Anivia needs to predict in advance where she can stun you. Every so often, let Sigil sit for a bit before Distorting, and angle it a bit sideways to avoid a point-blank stun. Report
Make sure in duels you use 2 of your ult charges specifically for dodging. 1 for Anivia's stun, and the other to get out of her ultimate. Report
Punish her at level 2 with your E try to get her passive ( Egg ) Down before level 3. Try to aim to kill her before 5-6. She has very low base health so take advantage of that. Report
Save your Windwall for her Q(The big snowball). It is her main form of CC and is by far the most important thing for you to block. Report
Anivia can still teleport in egg form. Try do save a CC abilty to stop that. Report
Remember not to stand in Anivia's ultimate, as it whittles down your health gradually. Keep in mind that her E (Frostbite) deals double damage if you are in her ultimate. Report
Anivia has extremely low base health so you should try aim for a kill at level 2. Charge your E up to full and just engage hard on her! Report


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