How to beat Anivia
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When you're chasing a low-health Anivia, be wary that she can turn about and stun you, and turn the tide of the combat Report
Her passive is really Annoying! If you kill her she transforms to an egg with full Life. That Passive can be cast by Anivia every 4 minutes. If she is an egg and you are Low Life go away as fast as you can. If you have much life try to damage the Egg! Report
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Do not pile up your turrets, as Anivia has AoE abilities. She can also outrange them with autoattacks, so be ready to defend your turrets with your other abilities. Report
It's possible for Anivia to Predict Azir's engage. If there's a soldier behind Anivia, she will probably throw her Q out, and detonate it when Azir is under it. Careful of that. Report
Master Yi's Highlander (R) gives immunity to slows, which also works on Anivia's Chill, denying the extra damage from her Frostbite (E). Report
Your E can pass through her wall. Report
An Eggnivia can't move. Therefore, she'll just take maximum damage from Azir's soldiers when her passive is used. Report
Dodge her Stun go in with a spear ult in and burst her down Report
Constantly poke Anivia with your Q. Her stun is easy to dodge, and even if you think you can't dodge it, just E away and you'll avoid it with ease. Report
Her Q has a really long range! Try to aviod being stunned or being damaged by her Q using your E. If you dont feed her she cant be OP. Report


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