How to beat Annie
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The best way to kill Annie is to go for her immediately after she misses her stun. especially if you are playing a burst damage champion. Report
In this matchup you have to zone Annie, use your E and Q to harass, and force her out of lane. At level 6 try to bait out her stun then Q, E, and R to finish her off. Also build an Abyssal Scepter for the MR and AP. Report
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If she tries to stun your ally with Q, you have enough time to pop up your E and deny the stun and some of the damage depending on the Rank of your E. Report
Avoid picking assassins. Annie has a really high burst potential with little risk because of her passive stun. Assassins are characterized as squishy champions with high burst, but a good Annie will have a stun prepared to make you unable to burst. Report
Get hexdrinker and Mercs, after that it should be pretty easy, try to dodge her stun with ult if she uses q to stun, try to poke her with w+e+q if you feel safe and dont need w, Short version: Rush Mercs+Hexdrinker; Try to dodge stun with ult, fast trades Report
Abuse the range in your E to prevent her from farming early as your range is far superior. Upgrade your passive and evolve your E. Report
Kassadin counter most casters, Annie included. Your Q has more range than hers so focus on denying her cs and poking her down. Try and get a kill pre-6, this will be hard but will help you as it's harder to kill her post-6. Report
Annie is a very close burst mage. When you see her skipping closer to you, retreat and quickly Shocking Orb (E) her to stun her. Follow it up with W and Q to damage . keep distance while poking her down and burst her when she trys to burst you. Report
Has a lot of burst throughout the whole game. Build MR in order to cut it down. Report
Whenever Annie tries to go in to trade, you can easily use your superior speed and range to simply avoid it, plop an EW down in her path and back off and she won't be able to touch you. Report
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