How to beat Annie with Morgana Click here for How to beat Morgana with Annie
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If she tries to stun your ally with Q, you have enough time to pop up your E and deny the stun and some of the damage depending on the Rank of your E. Report
Her Q can stun her for some good locking down, make sure when you use her ult that she is slowed or won't move away from the chances of getting rooted so you can use another Q to bind her and kill her and laugh at her and watch her cry while you dominate Report
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Use your shield to deny CC skill shot from Annie Report
Annie can sit at 3 stacks then go to Q a target. If Morgana uses her shield then just wait for it to go down and sit at 4 stacks. Otherwise, use E just before Q hits for a 4th stack that will allow the Q to stun when it connects. Report


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