How to beat Blitzcrank with Braum Click here for How to beat Braum with Blitzcrank
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If you have fast enough reaction you can block an adc from a blitz pull, also if you get pulled you can easily get your passive on your enemies while your team can come in and proc them. Report
If you are quick enough, (My personal Combo: Saving ADC) W and E iddemediatly. Activate youre Relic Shield (Item) If she/he gets damaged by Unbreakable (E) Penetrable skillshots. But dont burn youre flash/Relic Shield Field too early. Report
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you also can easy jump with your w away if you get pulled with his q Report
BE AWARE! WHEN YOU PLAY BRAUM AGAINST BLITZCRANK, DON'T USE YOUR 'E' because blitzcrank's Q range can reach easier to you(You are pretty much giving a kill). Also, once Blitzcrank is done with his Q, just hit him four times to activate your passive! Report


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