How to beat Cassiopeia
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Try to turn around when you see her ultimate being cast to avoid being stunned. Report
Dodge her Noxious Blast, as she will continue to use her Twin Fang on you several times until the poison runs out. Report
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Don't dive, Even if she doesn't have ult up and don't underestimate her damage potential early game. Report
LeBlanc can instantly delete Cassiopeia after some harass with no chance of Cass dealing enough poke or dmg to kill her. Recommend to aggressively go for her at lvl 2 and stay back lvl 1. Report
Unlike the common way of thinking, try to play aggressive and push her under turret as she can hardly farm under her turret without heavy use of mana and thus no danger from her. Beware of ganks though. Report
She harass with poison and E(resets if hit poisoned target, AVOID!)you. Your E have longer range than her spells, use this as advantage to harass her(and deny farm). Her E resets fast if you are poisoned, keep Q to stun her and walk away when she spam E. Report
A well timed playful/trickster jump from fizz can dodge cassiopeia's ulti or any of her abilities. Report
If you think Cassiopeia is about to ult, drop a ward behind you to avoid getting stunned Report
Due to the fact that Zed's ult now places him behind his target, Cassiopeia will have a very difficult time to land her ultimate to stop Zed's all-in. When Cassiopeia turns around to engage, simply shadow swap with your W, or R. Report
Start flask and mana pots, farm and harass with Q. Dodge her poisons so she doesn't stack, and when you hit 6 all-in her, she'll be powerless to stop you Report


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