How to beat Darius with Fiora Click here for How to beat Fiora with Darius
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His Q have 2 part. The inner part do less damage. If cant run out of it then try stay close to him. Dont waste your W to block it Report
Since Darius ult has an animation before dealing damage it is possible to Parry his Ult with W Report
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After the reworks, Fiora destroys Darius if played properly. Since Darius Q now has a delay try to use your W to block the damage, keep poking him with an E+Q combo so he'll get slowed and you run so he can't retaliate or trade back. Report
The lane is not as bad as people make it out to be, but make sure you play safe and FARM! Darius pushes the lane hard granting you safety under the tower and giving your jungler free food as Darius lacks an escape. Just be wary of trading against him. Report
There's not a lot you can do early game against Darius. Play safe and farm under tower, build armour penetration, and wait for your jungler to gank. As long as you dont feed him you will win medium to late game. The golden rule is AVOID THAT HOOK! Report


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