How to beat Ekko
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Don't try to fight him if you are below 30% hp, he will most likely kill you instantly. Report
Use your sweeping blade and wind wall to dodge his CC abilities (Yes, Yasuo W blocks Ekko W). Ekko may have a ton of early game power, but Yasuo has 2 tons, even with his E nerf. You will win most of the trades. Report
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Picking a burst champ like LeBlanc or who can catch up with him while using his Chronobreak to get away like Fiora can demoralize Ekko in the Mid lane & Top lane respectively. LeBlanc + Fiora = R.I.P. EKKO. Report
Keep a look at his 'Ultimate Ghost' as it can turn a fight / be fatal when he uses his ultimate! Report
You can tell wheter Ekko has his Ult up by looking behind him, if he leaves a trail his ult is up and if he doesn't his ult is down Report
Pick Diana. Ekko excels at sudden melee engages, and this is especially effective against squishy mages who can't trade back enough damage so quickly. Diana is the opposite: when Ekko engages, pop your shield and fight out the fight. Ekko will lose more. Report
Stay away from his after image at all costs the radius of the aoe ult is pretty big. Report
keep ur eyes on his ghosts so that u know when he's gona use his w or where hes gona use his ult Report
Dodge Ekko's Timewinder, and be aware, where his ego ghost is incase he'll toggle his Ultimate, because he'll teleport back to the destination, recieve HP and deal alot of damage in a small area. TIP: If he has low HP, he will likely toggle it. Report
Think positive Report
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