How to beat Ekko with LeBlanc Click here for How to beat LeBlanc with Ekko
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Don't use your dash to poke past level 3. Once you're six, poke him down with your q+w, and make sure your ult is off cooldown in case he engages. He barely needs AP to instantly win a 1v1. Chain him if he dashes to you, late game you'll do more burst. Report
Play agressive in lane, you can zone him out easily giving you a large advantage. post 6 you should be able to burst him down fairly easily. as for his ult escape, you can chase him down very fast as leblanc, take ignite to cut his ult healing down. Report
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Attempt to land a chain first to prevent him from Phase Diving away. Do not use your Mimic until he uses Chronobreak OR if he does not have it. Report


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