How to beat Jax with Fiora Click here for How to beat Fiora with Jax
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Max W as Fiora. Pre 6 just use both your Q's then W when hes bout to AA save your E and use it only aftr he used his E to stun you. Post 6 never duel with him unless have ur ult do the same as Pre 6 but when his E is bout to stun u just ult to avoid stun Report
Jax has awkward power spikes. Assert your dominance with Q to set the tone and beat him before he spikes (Trade after he uses his Counter and kite out his Empower), or play passive and VERY SAFE with W and farm for mid game as you're better in teamfights Report
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Remember that Jax counters Fiora, and the only way to take down Jax with Fiora is: BAIT HIS COUNTER STRIKE THEN GO ALL IN. And ALWAYS REMEMBER that a Jax player who attempts to one man tower dive couldn't stand a chance against a decent Fiora player. Report
Try to Avoid His E (Counter-Strike) than q and pres w to block his 2 and than q and e and you will see he will be beaten more easy than you think ! Report
Rekt him by dodging his counter strike with e Report
Poke with a QQ, runa away with W if he tries AAing. Use E after his E finishes and ulti when he tries to run away or when your low. Report


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