How to beat Kalista
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lane bullies are extremely effective against the squishy Kalista.Caitlyn is best casue she out ranges her and can poke her down from afar. Kalista has unlimited wards with her W so junglers should focus other lanes to gank. Report
Avoid Picking Skill Shot based champions against Kalista as her passive "Martial Poise" makes simple Skill Shots a chore to lane. Report
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Try to focus her Soul-bound and keep it on low HP to minimize usage of her ultimate Fate's Call Report
Try to pick champions with displacements and disables to stop Kalista chasing your allies or don't let her escape from you Report
Ashe has a strong, infinite slow with her Frost Shot to prevent Kalista from kiting effectively with her Martial Poise. Report
Do not waste your Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Always use Ashe's Ultimate Skill wisely when your support stops Kalista from dodge it with her Martial Poise. Always wait for Thresh's Sentence, Lulu's Whimsy, Leona's Shield of Daybreak, etc etc... Report
Poke her out with your auto attacks and lay down traps so that she can't activate her passive without stuffing her face with cupcakes and pain. Report
Caitlyn has so much range, use this to your advantage, you need to bully kalista and she can't do anything as you have more range than she Report
Kalista struggles when hit with hard cc, Vayne's Condemn can be a very useful tool start your snowballing adventure with kalista. make sure to always have it up, as it can serve as a very good escape tool as well. Report
Play safe and get all the farm you can, whatever you do don't trade with Kalista unless you're confident in your ability to purely outfight her. Late game you can 2 shot her without her even blinking. Vayne > Kalista Report
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