How to beat Kalista
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Remember that Kalista's attacks misses if you are out of her vision. Hide in the bush when she winds her attack as she can't cancel it. Report
When you get level 6, don't hesitate to go in, as your ultimate + tumble will stealth you, thus Kalista WILL miss her autoattacks on you thanks to her Martial Poise. Especially if you max Q for the short cooldown for stealthing. Report
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Kalista cant attack what she doesnt have vison of so your ult will come in hand if you see her winding up an attack, same with your tumble in lane to dive into the bushes to avoid an auto. Report
Sure Kalista's passive is for kiting/dodging, but as Vayne, you will get up to her, especially with the ultimate's boost to your passive. Report
Ashe slow effecs kalistas kiting, ashe does all her dmg without skillshots that could be dodged by kalista. When kalista is slowed you can use your ultimate and she cant dodge it. Report
Graves can easly engage on Kalista dealing high ammounts of damages (more if your support use some CC while Kalista is inside of Graves' W). Kalista suffer against CC or Slow on mov.speed, Graves can hardly slow and nullify her passive and dashes in/out! Report
Kalista has a hard time kiting draven because of his w steriod combined with his q auto and wide skill shot e.. In lane auto a minion with dravens q and w to advance to kalista. you will most likely win lane phase & outscale kalista thx to passive &am Report
If you're laning against a kalista with Lucian, you'll want to take exhaust and your support with heal. This way you can control Kalista's damage output whilst your support watches your health and pops heal when needed. Lucian's Passive should out-tra Report
You outtrade her. Kalista is very weak agains aa ad caries . You can easy win any duel beacause DRAAAAAAAAAAAVEN! Report
Kalista's Rend resets if she kills someone with it. Beware of her engaging you with rend stacks on low hp minions she will abuse it to poke you! Report
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