How to beat Kalista
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lane bullies are extremely effective against the squishy Kalista.Caitlyn is best casue she out ranges her and can poke her down from afar. Kalista has unlimited wards with her W so junglers should focus other lanes to gank. Report
Avoid Picking Skill Shot based champions against Kalista as her passive "Martial Poise" makes simple Skill Shots a chore to lane. Report
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Try to focus her Soul-bound and keep it on low HP to minimize usage of her ultimate Fate's Call Report
Try to pick champions with displacements and disables to stop Kalista chasing your allies or don't let her escape from you Report
Remember that Kalista's attacks misses if you are out of her vision. Hide in the bush when she winds her attack as she can't cancel it. Report
Kalista's Rend resets if she kills someone with it. Beware of her engaging you with rend stacks on low hp minions she will abuse it to poke you! Report
Kalista's ultimate "Fate's Call" is a very strong initiate, try to keep tabs on when it's up as it is a large part of her CC. Report
Slows will also slow the speed of her hop, so Randuin's and other effects are very useful to consider. Report
kalista heavy rely on her passive jump, so attack speed slow item is very good agianst her. she is also very squishy so targeted stun or any kind of lock down cc will destroy her Report
Exhaust and other abilities like exhaust (Lee Sin Cripple (E) are really helpful tool against kalista because it will reduce her kiting potential by decreasing her movement speed and attack speed. With less attack speed she can't use a lot of her passive Report


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