How to beat Kalista with Graves Click here for How to beat Graves with Kalista
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Graves can easly engage on Kalista dealing high ammounts of damages (more if your support use some CC while Kalista is inside of Graves' W). Kalista suffer against CC or Slow on mov.speed, Graves can hardly slow and nullify her passive and dashes in/out! Report
You can Burst and 1Shot Kalista at Level 6 with Graves. Kalista is a Kite and Poke Champion. Graves have high Base DMG and whenever i played vs Kalista i won my games to 90%. Report
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Grave's burst and passive is too good against Kalista. Report
Easy to kite Graves's Q and W with passive. Report
Kalista has a weak early game, and Graves at lvl 6 can burst her down fast. Her passive if used correctly with enough attack speed can be used to dodge graves ult, but its still very difficult. Also, in extended trades, like a Kalista wants, Graves wins, Report
Smokescreen her. She will miss her autoattacks when she can't see you, because of the martial poises downside. Report


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