How to beat Kalista with Vayne Click here for How to beat Vayne with Kalista
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Kalista struggles when hit with hard cc, Vayne's Condemn can be a very useful tool start your snowballing adventure with kalista. make sure to always have it up, as it can serve as a very good escape tool as well. Report
Play safe and get all the farm you can, whatever you do don't trade with Kalista unless you're confident in your ability to purely outfight her. Late game you can 2 shot her without her even blinking. Vayne > Kalista Report
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When you get level 6, don't hesitate to go in, as your ultimate + tumble will stealth you, thus Kalista WILL miss her autoattacks on you thanks to her Martial Poise. Especially if you max Q for the short cooldown for stealthing. Report
Kalista cant attack what she doesnt have vison of so your ult will come in hand if you see her winding up an attack, same with your tumble in lane to dive into the bushes to avoid an auto. Report
Sure Kalista's passive is for kiting/dodging, but as Vayne, you will get up to her, especially with the ultimate's boost to your passive. Report


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