How to beat LeBlanc
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When she uses her Q, try to keep away from her! If she uses her W on you with her Q will be sad Report
Remember that if timed correctly, your Scatter The Weak(E) can stop LeBlanc in the middle of her Distortion(W) Report
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Be careful early game. She has more burst than you there. Use your W to negate some damage. Rush Abyssal and after level 6 you can all in her. If her passive procs, click her and see which clone has items listed. That's the real LB. Report
Vlad can and most likely will be bullied at early levels but the more he levels up, the easier it will be to sustain all of LeBlanc's poke and poke her back at the same time. All you have to do is farm, survive and get hex-tech revolver asap. Report
Before LeBlanc is 6, If she W's in on you, try to snare at her return point and try to get as much damage on her as possible if you get the snare. After she's 6 respect her a lot more, but still do this if she fails an all in. Report
as a fizz main leblanc can be a little annoying during early laning phase, because she is so squishy by level 6 once you get chum the waters make sure you land that ultimate after that full on engage her. remember do not trade with her until your lvl 6 Report
Xerath can put up a good matchup against LeBlanc. As Xerath, poke LB at max range with either Q or W. His Q range is bigger than LB's Q or W. And make sure you stand behind a minion wave so that she doesn't W and E on you. Report
LB Out trades u early game. Try to just poke with Q W and use E defensively as Kat. If LB uses Q on you expect a W after, you can walk into her W range and Shunpo out to throw her off from landing a E after. You wont win early game, but late you will Report
In the laning phase, champions with good pushing and zoning potential will most likely either force her to spend a lot of mana to hold her line, or force her to her tower. Report
You can counter LB with lux by harassing her with your long ranged poke and if she goes in just bind her and poke but if shes low enough you can use your entire combo on her. Report
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