How to beat Lee Sin
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It's usually not worth chasing a Lee Sin because of how mobile his skills make him. Report
Don't clump together so his ultimate will not be able to knock-up multiple allies. Report
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Try to put wards in your jungle, because lee sin can make counter jungle so hard. Report
Lee Sin is extremely squishy at earlier levels, so try to focus him in early skirmishes and teamfights where he is still weak. Report
You have 7 eyes, he has zero, do the math. Report
Do not use any dashes/jumps/blinks if you are tagged with sonic wave. Lee will simply hit resonating strike and follow you. Save your escapes until after Lee has reactivated his Q. Report
If you know that Lee Sin is about to kick you, flash in the direction you want to be kicked. For example, if Lee is behind you and is about to kick you into his teammates, flash behind him and he will kick you away from his team instead. Report
Stay between you minions so he can't hit his sonic wave on you and once he get's close to farm, stun and wreck him as fast as you can. Report
Although he is a high mobility champion and he can juke you easily, on lane he will only be able to jump to a ward / minion, you will still be able to catch him on bear stance. Report
Poke him with your Q and stay in or behind the middle of your lane early game, put E on him if he gets close. If you dodge his Q, he should have no way of hurting you. Build brutaliser first for the poke. If he does land Q, just W on him and walk away. Report
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