How to beat Lee Sin
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Lee Sin is a Burst champion, Once he is silenced (Garen's Q), he's literally useless. (unless you built him ADC.) Report
Try not to fight Lee 1v1 when you are low hp if you are not sure you will win because of his second part Q, which actually dealing more damage based on your missing hp ! Report
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Lee no longer has an Attack Speed slow. If you shield Sonic Wave he is screwed. Don't tether him at max range if he can hop to a ward or trinket. Report
In jungle try to take his blue or red. then he cant gank easily.Make sure u will kill him in 6 level and he won't do anything in late game.(unless he farms all time) Report
Frozen Heart and Randuins Omen are quite effective against Lee Sin since it will take him longer to proc his passive Flurry which will make him lower on energy = fewer ability casts. Report
Sonic Wave is his main damage source, avoid getting hit by it at all costs. Report
Try to stay behind minions when laning against him as he will always try to cast his Q Report
If your happen to have this match up, do not follow where lee sin ganks, instead gank the other side of lane like if lee ganks top, you gank bot Report
Tempest outranges Cull the Meek. Lee wants to poke and not brawl, so if he dashes in, expect him to dash out right afterwards. Punish this with Slice and a full combo. Report
Just farm in lane first. If you have both full health, and he uses his Q and jumps onto you, use your E and stun him. Then feel free to go aggresiv with W and if he Saveguards away just chase him. The moment you killed him once, you can go aggresiv. Report
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