How to beat Lee Sin
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Lee sin is majorly focused on landing his q and following that up with his q, then e combo. Skarner bases himself on autoattack, slows and his stuns. He will wreck lee sin either in the jungle or even in top lane. Very strong pick against Lee sin 10/10. Report
You're both Energy users, so in the early levels spam Q's at him all day. Get some SV then a Zhonyas, and push your wave and roam. You'll outscale him like crazy if you can put map pressure down elsewhere. Report
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Use your E Q combp to do damge and quickly run behind a nearby minion so he cant hit you with his ki blast, this will negate the most of his damage Report
Lee Sin's dashes and gap closers can be interrupted mid-animation. Therefore, if you have any hard CC such as knockups or stuns, try to use them while he is casting. Report
When 1vs1 with Lee Sin as WW save you ultimate cause he will cast his ultimate first ! Report
After the Fiora-Rework, she got enough Power to harass and outdamage lee, given, that he doesn't engage with his Q. In Laning phase, try to force him out of the Lane with your Q, towerdive when he is low with R, Q E and W and he is done. Report
Try to bait out his abilities to open a window for your trade. Try Slicing/Dicing away from his Q. Remember that his ult knocks you away from him, keep this in mind when you ult engage Report
Stay behind creeps and harass with your E. Go in for the kill when he is low enough. Report
Lee Sin does not slow attack speed anymore. In a straight 1v1 fight Jax has the upper hand. Report
Almost he has everything he got to counter you. Range, CC, and also vision. Maintain at least the Gap between you and him as it will be too difficult for you to poke or harass him much. Do this by early kills or Gank from other lanes. Evolve claws at Lv 6 Report


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