How to beat Lucian
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His ult can be used while he's moving, so watch out as he may try to kite you. Report
His damaging skills have long range and are mostly skill shots, so awareness and good dodging skills are important. Report
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Tumbling to the side immediately after Lucian casts Piercing Light will almost always allow you to avoid taking the damage. Report
Watch out for his Q in lane as it can pass through minions for a longer range, try to stay to the side of the minions. Report
Attempt to stay on the same side of the creep wave as Lucian, e.g if he stands to the left, stand to the left. This will give him a much harder time with harassing you using Piercing Light. Report
If Lucian uses any of his spells, try to tumble out. All of them are skillshots but the dash. Lucian will still outtrade Vayne in the early stage of the Game with his passive so try to stay save and wait till 6. When Lucian ults tumble out and condemn him Report
Hold your Stand Aside(E) until you see the Lucian start casting his Culling, as it will stop it immediately. Report
With Tristana, just use your W to escape the Lucian's ulti. You can jump behind him and bump him to your tower to stop the Culling. Report
Ezreal can juke every Lucian's abilities with his E. Save it to get out of his Q or ult. Report
If he starts to use the Culling, you can E out of range fairly easily as long as you react quickly. Report


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