How to beat Lux with Ziggs Click here for How to beat Ziggs with Lux
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Try to bait her to waste her W (Prismatic barrier) before using your ultimate, it's a pain to waste your ult just to see your enemies run away with 10 hp shielded by her. Report
Her R (Final spark) will channel during 0.5 seconds before it hits. During her channel a long red line will show the area of effect of the spell, so it's essential to move aside of it if you appreciate your health bar. Report
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Try to avoid her Q (Light binding) at all costs, as it's all she needs to unleash her full combo. Use your Satchel charge (W), flash or Zhonya's active if necessary. Besides, she's at her most vulnerable state with her Q on cooldown. Report
Remember that she applies her passive (Illumination) when she hit's you with a damaging spell, it gives a lot of extra damage at all levels so try not to let her use it by getting too close when marked. Report
Both of you have an AOE slow (her Lucent singularity and your Hexplosive minefield) so be careful because both of you can hit some spells if you previously hit the slow. Report


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