How to beat Nasus with Shen Click here for How to beat Shen with Nasus
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Many people usually have trouble with this match up as it's usually very hard to zone Nasus as Shen. Try using a Ruby Crystal + 2 Health Potions to start the match and build that into a Phage as your first item. This will help much more than you think. Report
Taunt him if he's about to farm a Gigantic minion. But make sure to have W and Q ready to heal up and shield some of the damage. Dont do this at dangerous low health you will eventually become one of his stacks. Report
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Rush you're thornmail to block his Q damage. And use it to punish him for failing the Execution stack. Report
Easy Lane, Just harrass with e every time hes about to q for minion and throw out full combo. Be Aggressive. And ward, since youll be pushed up, so beware of enemy jungler Report


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