How to beat Nunu
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It's imperative to disable (silence/stun/knock-up/displacement) him when he starts channeling his ultimate - otherwise you will take tons of damage. Report
If you're brush checking and you're suddenly slowed, Nunu might be channeling his ultimate inside a brush. Report
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Banshee's Veil is extremely strong against a Nunu because he only has his Iceblast to stick on you. Report
Fight Nunu away from minions and jungle monsters to deny him his heal. Report
WARD YOUR JUNGLE. Nunu is an extremely strong counter-jungler, even against strong counter-junglers like Lee Sin. Make sure to ward your jungle and try to always know where Nunu is. If you can pick him on a counterjungling route, you can kill him. Report
Your shield has approximately the same cooldown as Nunu's Iceball. Just save it for when he tries to poke you, and then go all-in onto him. Save your stun if he's ulting, or just knock him up with your third strike. Easy matchup for Riven. Report
To minimize Nunu's ultimate damage just use Q to knock up or R to push him away. Report
Nunu can't heal his lane partner. Soraka negates his poke and cancels Absolute Zero with no effort. Report
If the enemy Nunu decides to try ult, cancel it with your stun. Make sure you ward all nearby brushes otherwise you can't stun him whilst he's channeling his ult. Report
Donger Pro: Avoid being hit by his (E) Ice Blast as it will chunk your health. Ice Blast has 550 range equal to your auto attack. Bait him to use it, then (E) Grenade and (W) Rocket at a safe 925 and 1100 range. Report


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