How to beat Orianna
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Orianna has limited mobility but very good wave clear, she will most likely push your lane, leaving her vulnerable to ganks. Taking a mid-laner with CC will make ganks much more effective. Report
Try to harass the orianna with your Q when she's about to go for a last hit on a creep. At the same time, you must pay attention to her ball positioning so you don't get harassed back. After level 5, you naturally out damage her so this is an easy lane. Report
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Practice reflexive use of Ziggs' Satchel Charge for when Orianna attempts to toss The Ball into his path. The ability to successfully dodge the initial burst of both Orianna's ult and a follow-up slow is life-saving. Report
When orianna uses her e in lane on herself, you have a four second window to trade after the shield fades. Orianna really needs the shield to trade positively. The best time to all in her is at that point. Report
Take note of Orianna's summoners, they will vary from Heal/Ignite/Barrier, you should plan your approach accordingly to avoid getting baited by Barrier or underestimating her damage with Ignite. Report
When you are both full HP, don't get close to Ori as she has a more reliable form of trading than you and her autoattack passive will win her the extended fights. Stick to harassing with max range Q's and going in after you have poke her down enough. Report
If she takes E first and she protects herself just turn away and focus on CS. She is weakest when she misses her Q or her ball shield is down. Play safe. Report
Take exhaust and flash, exhaust her if you go all in or as you dive her. First max e so you will be mobile enough to make some good trades. Report
Your burst Q-W-R-E is your benefit.Also your benefit is your W from escaping ori ult and her combo.When you will see ori Q she will try her combo so you can W and do your combo like Q-E-R or E-Q-R Report
You'll struggle to kill a good ori until you hit 6. She will win in trades if you let her get in range to zone with your E and DONT go for passive procs on her. At 6 catch her with a Q and combo her be careful when getting the ignite in if you're low Report


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