How to beat Orianna
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Play the early game very passive, trading with your q. At 6 don't go on her unless you hit a charm, save your ultimate if she tries to escape and to dodge her skillshots. Report
As akali - even when snowballing - don't grow arrogant and dive an orianna. She has a backup shield and can keep you under turret for a long time with her ult. Try to go in from the side bushes at midlane when going for the kill. Report
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Orianna outranges you so play safe until you hit lvl 6. If you manage to poke her with Q before reaching lvl 6 and not take too much damage, then immediately engage on her the moment you have your ult. Her shield can save her but your damage is higher. Report
if orianna uses comand protect on any full health melee character then back of immediately, the melee champion will engage and orianna wil ult, this is devastating in combo with AOE CC champs like amumu/riven (stun) or thresh/jarvan (cage) Report
Use Riftwalk to avoid most of her skillshots plus her ultimate. Report
It's just a really weak counter (when it is one). It's easy to win as ori when you just keep farming and maybe land som QW on him Report
Orianna greatly depends on her mana. Focusing her when she don't have much will surely give you some advantage. Report
Hard lane because of her poke try and all in her at lv 3 for an advantage. Report
quite simple,use your charm to break orianna's combo,therefore she wont do maximum damage to you and she will be quite vulnerable to your other abilities (example q and w). Report
Early penetration can help you greatly against her passive E. Don't be afraid to get merc treads if you feel she is poking you down too much. This especially applies if you're AD mid Report


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