How to beat Orianna
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Poke Ori from the max distance with your Q. If necessary, farm with your abilities but don't run out of mana. Use your passive for that. Don't let her auto you too much, as her passive will hurt you a lot. Report
Vel'Koz has vastly superior range and poke. Stay out of teamfights as she'll interrupt your ult with Shockwave no matter where you are. Report
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Orianna has strong early game against Riven but after 6 you would need to kite her often if she tries to dive you. If she does try to dive use ur shield (E) and ult and land ur ignite. Report
In lane phase just farm and wait for gank. Try some trade only if she harass you with Q + W combo. After lvl 6, use zhonya when you ult and carry with her R. Use your E for out insurence of zoning Q of Orianna Report
Orianna shield cost more then your bomb, spam the bomb on her forcing her to shield her self while focusing poke on adc. Also your bomb range is just out of her Q ball range. Report
So all you need to do is get a gank at level 6 tibbers her and snowball the rest of the game Report
Be good at dodging lol. If you get smacked by her QW, use a quick E and get out of the range ASAP to try to dodge Ori's ult, then ult her when her shields down. Report


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