How to beat Orianna
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Try not to stand next to her ball, because she can cast Dissonance and do damage around it. Report
With proper reaction speed, you can Flash away from Orianna's ultimate. Report
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Although both Orianna's auto attacks and spells do massive damage, she is very fragile. Try focusing her in teamfights. Report
Orianna's ball, when on the field, has most mobility moving from side to side, as she can move it with less range requirement. to avoid being hit by the ball so much, try staying behind it (ball in front of you). this way she must come closer to hit you. Report
Orianna has limited mobility but very good wave clear, she will most likely push your lane, leaving her vulnerable to ganks. Taking a mid-laner with CC will make ganks much more effective. Report
When orianna uses her e in lane on herself, you have a four second window to trade after the shield fades. Orianna really needs the shield to trade positively. The best time to all in her is at that point. Report
if orianna uses comand protect on any full health melee character then back of immediately, the melee champion will engage and orianna wil ult, this is devastating in combo with AOE CC champs like amumu/riven (stun) or thresh/jarvan (cage) Report
Orianna greatly depends on her mana. Focusing her when she don't have much will surely give you some advantage. Report
Early penetration can help you greatly against her passive E. Don't be afraid to get merc treads if you feel she is poking you down too much. This especially applies if you're AD mid Report


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