How to beat Pantheon
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Shoot skillshot spells where hes about to land such as morg bind as it'll stop his movement before he lands and he'll be a free target. Report
Avoid being at lower health levels, as he has a 100% crit chance on his auto attacks and his spear when you are below 15% health. Report
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Try to keep an eye on his passive counter, as he will be able to block an auto-attack or even a tower shot occasionally. Report
Watch out for the big red circle that appears on the ground, this means that Pantheon's about to use his ultimate to initiate a fight. Report
Condemning Pantheon as he casts Aegis of Zeonia on either you or your teammate will cancel the spell. Using Final Hour + Tumble will also cause him to drop without having a target to stun, leaving him vulnerable. Report
Shield his lance everytime you can. You win trades by engaging with your E. Your Q won't be blocked by his passive, being magic damage. Watch out your hp since Pant does burst damage to low hp targets, but you have more sustain. Lure him (E) under turret Report
Pantheon uses a lot of mana. Try trading with him a lot and use some kind of sustain. Soon, he will be oom and you can fight him easily. Report
Just rush Glacial Shroud and Ninja Tabi and he basically deals no damage to you. Report
Aegis of Zeonia will block autoattack damage but not subsequent bleed damage. Use abilities in short trades to exploit Darius' passive armor penetration and bleed stacks. Report
If your going to engage pantheon early lvl's wait for the seige minion wave, you can almost freely fight him in front of the seige tank because its aa will break his agis of protection with every hit Report
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