How to beat Quinn
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Try to stay away from her when you're marked with Harrier, as she will do additional damage to you. Report
Quinn/Valor has an extremely short range - try to focus her in teamfights. Report
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Avoid dueling against a Quinn/Valor as an AD carry because her blind will render your autoattacks useless for a short period of time. Report
When Quinn is is Valor form, try to constantly damage her - Valor gains an incredible amount of movespeed boost out of combat. Report
Caitlyn counters Quinn because of her range. Abuse outranging her in lane and dodging her Q, Blinding Assault, by staying behind minions. Try to get up to her face when fighting, and when she E, Vaults, off of you, you still outrange and damage her. Report
Harrier will prioritize targets closest to Quinn when it procs. Stay behind creep waves if she has no currently marked target. Report
Keep your distance with varus, use out your long range. Quinn will always win the trades, if you get hit by quinn's q, disengage immediately. If Quinn ults, varus should ult too, or at least slow quinn down with E. Report
Only use your gap-closer combo (E+Q) AFTER she has burnt her E. Report
Stay behind your minions, harrass her with E and farm. If she EVER gets a Q on you jump away, since nearly all your damage is pretty much negated. It's best not to duel her straight up, except if you have a QSS to get rid of the blind. Report
Take advantage of your superior range to harass Quinn in lane, and always maintain maximum attack range from her in a fight so she can't burst you down. Use your traps and E to hamper Valor's mobility considerably and prevent him from sticking to you. Report


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