How to beat Quinn
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She is your biggest counter. She out-trades you early, mid and late game. She instant jumps away from your mega gnar and she can interrupt your hop. AVOID THIS MATCHUP. If you're stuck with it, stay back and play safe until you can team fight and ult the Report
Quinn counters you hard : she can dash away from you, blind you and she has huge poke. But Valor is very squishy, and has no escapes (except an enemy-target dash and his movement speed buff). Whenever she switches into Valor form, hop on it. Report
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Even if Quinn counters you she isn't untouchable. At level 1 she will push hard, and she (almost) never wards. A very early successful gank can win the lane. Report
when quin all ins you which she most likely will early use pollymorph and q to counter her all ins Report
Corki is an AD caster, so your blind doesn't work well on him. Once he hits 6, you can't do much without your support or jungler. He will chunk you hard in trades. I don't recommend picking Quinn into Corki with out a hard cc support like Leona. Report
Throw the spear often. Avoid use the stun any time or she can escape with her E. Poke her until her life become low, after that you use the combo Q+W+E and explode her. Report
As an AD caster, Graves rivals Quinn's short-range damage even while blinded. Your W also helps deal with her passive and W vision. Report
Tag her with your wall when she goes to combo and she's not getting away. Report
Although Quinn's pretty strong in the laning phase,she falls off mid/latye game.Try not to fight pre6 unless she get's CC'd by your supp and outrange her by level 6. -xTeMeRzZ EUWest Report
He is too ranged against Quinn, will be easier to keep Quinn out of farming Report


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