How to beat Renekton
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Renekton is a short trader due to his kit, poke him out of lane if possible! Report
Also take ignite against renekton. You will probably pick up allot of kills and won't find it that necessary to take a teleport. Report
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Auto attack allot early, untill atleast level 3 if you harass him allot you got a major advantage on him. Deny his farm and poke allot. You can easily get him to half his hp before/at lvl 2 and kill him at lvl 2. Report
to take less damage. Go for armor and he dont do that much damage Report
, he cannot escape or trade you effectively but u can trade him more w +q combo. Report
Poppy rework make it possible counter renekton. Whenever he tries dash activate w and you stop his trade and u can trade back more effectively with q. Stun him wall any chanse you get and activate w. Report
Reworked Poppy only. Renekton cannot effectively use his dash on you thanks to your W. He even might waste his Fury passive with it. Report
Be careful as Pantheon. Renekton is very annoying when he slices and dices. Try to make him use his jumps before ganks, because he can just jump away. Report
Use your Q on him before he stuns pre-6 if you're lower health than him stay back behind your tower and you'll regain all of it after 1-2 waves, post-6 use your ult whenever he uses his and you will always out-trade him. Report
Rush a Black Cleaver, since the health and AD are perfect stats for you, the CDR will allow you to spam your q, and the armour shred will help since most renekton's will build full tank after their first item. Poke him down, and all in him lvl 4 or 5. Report
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