How to beat Riven with Hecarim Click here for How to beat Hecarim with Riven
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Always poke with your q when she tries to farm. If she engages , use your e at her third broken wings to disable her knock up and damage. Use your w and q if she engages hard. Post 6: Be cautious if she has ignite. Stay away from her if she opens Ult. Report
In mid game when you are good to rush, bait out Riven E and Q and stack hecarim E before knocking on riven and just spam skill. Report
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DO NOT RUSH OR POKE IN EARLY. At least get Zeal and MUST be lvl 7 onward then you r good to rush. Be patient because you can outplay riven easily even though riven has stuns. In early, just hug turret and farm. Report
Destroys her. His Mobility helps with this. Report


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