How to beat Ryze
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Ryze can outduel almost anyone in the game. Unless you're at a clear advantage, avoid fighting him 1v1. Report
It is highly recommend that Ryze should be focused in teamfights first because he deals massive sustained damage, yet he is close ranged. Report
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Ryze is weak aginst pushing champions, as he does not have wave-clear capability until level 6. Try pushing against him early. Report
Cassiopeia has a complete advantage against Ryze in lane because of her strong poke. You want to poke ryze down and deny him last hitting. The one thing you want watch out for are ganks so make sure to ward around your lane. Cassio out ranges ryze. Report
Ryze has a terrible range on all of his abilities so Vel'Koz should abuse his range in lane especially if Ryze tries to trade with him. Report
Even if you are fed off of Ryze respect his power, as the game goes on he becomes a larger and larger threat no matter what you do and will get to the point if he gets close he will kill you with ease. Report
Don't go for autoattacks against Ryze, Vel'Koz 525 AA range will bring him in range of Ryze' full combo. Report
Ryze is completely outclassed in lane by Vel'Koz pushing power and range, Vel'Koz should abuse this by poking Ryze hard as he farms under tower from being pushed. Report
Ryze is super soft and super short range. You can easily harass him and even go for kills with relative safety pre-6 Report
Push lane hard at all times as Ryze has a very limited source of wave clear. Report
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