How to beat Shen
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Shen can be interrupted while channeling his ultimate, preventing him to teleport to his ally. Try laning against him with a champion with a disable. Report
If playing against a Shen after level 6, always be cautious of fighting because the Shen will make a 1v1 become a 1v2, or 2v2 become a 2v3. Report
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Try to juke Shen's taunt. This will give him a harder time to stick onto his targets. Report
Do NOT attempt to hit his turret or him when he's under his turret(Even when he's low), he is most likely baiting you into a taunt, shield, flash(and possibly ignite), Vorpal combo. (Does not apply so much to Tryndamere, his ult is OP) Report
BEWARE OF SHEN'S MINIONS EARLY GAME. Shen's taunt can be deadly when used on you to force you to attack him inside his minion wave. Minion aggro can and will be used against you by a good Shen if you are playing overly aggressive. Report
When you see him teleporting, damage him as much as possible. This way he'll be less useful when he actually gets there. Report
The best time to engage on a Shen is when he misses you with his taunt. Punish him if he ever misses it with a full combo, but do it immediately or else he could turn it around quickly. (P.S. Never chase a Shen unless you KNOW you can kill him.) Report
It's usually more beneficial to use Ignite on Shen near the beginning of an all-in so he can't heal from him Vorpal Blade, rather than using it near the end to try and secure the kill. His shield will usually keep Ignite from actually killing him. Report
You can disrupt a shen taunt before he gets to the target. Use a knockup or other hard cc mid taunt and he wont reach his target. Report
His taunt uses more than half his energy, after he uses his taunt and a shield, he can't do anything. Punish him if his energy bar his low, don't let his taunt go unanswered. Report


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