How to beat Sivir
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Try to wait a split second longer before trading with her, as a lot of Sivir players will turn on their Spell Shield pre-emptively. Report
Sivir players usually stay in lane forever and push waves continuously. Try setting up a gank if she pushes blindly without wards. Report
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Avoid getting hit by Sivir's boomerang both ways. - the second half needs to be removed as the projectile speed is much higher now. Report
If playing a champion with CC against Sivir, either use your stun when her spell shield is down or chase her until it runs out before using the stun. Report
Just try to farm up as Vayne and dodge her boomerang with your Tumble. If you want to fight her try to wait till her boomerang is on cd and bait her shield out so you can condemn her into a wall. Report
Sivir has very high mobility, and is versatile in chasing, engaging and disengaging. While dueling sivir and when you are winning, sivir is sure to use her ult to run. You can use lucian to steal a Bike while drinking Kool Aid to chase after her. Report
As Vayne you can counter Sivir easily as you scales much better and your kit is much stronger. You have more mobility from your Q (Tumble) and you have a hard cc. If you have a support with high cc ask him to bait Sivir's spellshield to land your E. Report
Each of Twitch's abilities are fairly instantaneous and provide an incredibly small time frame in which Sivir can use her Spell Shield. She can still try to preemptively negate your abilities, but her Spell Shield shouldn't be a problem against you. Report
Draven's primary form of damage output (Spinning Axes) Cannot be stopped by Spellshield. And even if her shield stops the first strike by Draven ult, it won't stop the return. Report
The only ability that Sivir can use her Spell Shield against is Vayne's knockback, however, it's incredibly fast and the margin in which Sivir can do it in is quite small. Overall, Vayne is also a better lane skirmisher than Sivir. Report


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