How to beat Sivir
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Try to wait a split second longer before trading with her, as a lot of Sivir players will turn on their Spell Shield pre-emptively. Report
Sivir players usually stay in lane forever and push waves continuously. Try setting up a gank if she pushes blindly without wards. Report
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Avoid getting hit by Sivir's boomerang both ways. - the second half needs to be removed as the projectile speed is much higher now. Report
If playing a champion with CC against Sivir, either use your stun when her spell shield is down or chase her until it runs out before using the stun. Report
Try not to pick a champion with traps. (Teemo, Caitlyn, Nidalee) she can use her e for it to have no effect and you would pretty much be just throwing away free mana for her Report
Choose a champion that works well with auto-attacks, like Vayne, Draven or Lucian: Most of their damage lies in auto-attacks and spells that enhances the next auto (Vayne Q or W, Draven Q, Lucian passive) cannot be countered by the spell shield. Report
Sivir's e is on a very long cooldown, so use that to your ability. Report
when she uses her w to clear lane, make sure to stay out of range of the minions its hitting because its free poke for her. it has 3 charges. Report
Sivir's Q is what tips most "equal" duels in her favor... Dodge or, more preferred, BAIT her Q before engaging her. (If you get hit, try life steal up some, but be quick as her cooldown isn't that long) Report
Early on if the person is unskilled with sivir they may burn all of their mana early on and you can then be aggressive against her. Report


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