How to beat Sona
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Do not clump in teamfights in a line - as the Sona will make your whole team dance! Report
Sona is extremely squishy at earlier levels. Try to coordinate an assault against her early. Report
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Her Q poke doesn't target you if she can't see you, so hiding in an unwarded bush is a good way to lower her harass. Report
Sona gives good overall utility and harrass, but her spells cost a lot of mana. Try to force her to spam them early game, then make a trade when she's low on mana. Report
Sona has a big power spike at level 5 and 6 due to her 3 points in Q and Ultimate. Try to poke her low before this point or at least force her from lane otherwise play safe until you can get help or wait it out. Report
Try to pick champions like Caitlyn with range. Sona will seldom win trades if she takes any kind of return damage from autos. Report
Slows are highly effective against Sona, as her speed buff's initial bonus does not apply if its target is being slowed. Report
Try to make Sona overextend when trying to harass you, if she chases engage on her. Her ADC will likely not follow up for some time. Report


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