How to beat Syndra with Ahri Click here for How to beat Ahri with Syndra
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Just remember that your early game is weaker than hers, and your level 6 sure ain't as strong as hers. I would recommend buying an Athene's unholy grail, and then zhonyas just for the added safety. Then you can go DFG, Voidstaff and deathcap in that ord Report
The key is to dodge her Q E combo. Pre 6, try not to stay in line with here sphere and herself. Use your Q mobility to avoid being stun. Post 6, if she pushes then you must push too, if she misses her Q E combo then take the chance and burst her down. Report
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This matchup is entirely dependent on who lands their cc first. If Syndra gets her Q E combo off first, she will more than likely burst you down. However, once you get some proper AP, you can burst down Syndra without much trouble. Report


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