How to beat Talon
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Talon is very vulnerable when his Cutthroat is on cooldown. Try to take advantage of the situation when it is on cooldown. Report
Talon only deals Physical damage, so building armor will lower his damage output significantly. Report
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Make sure someone on your team carries a Pink ward for a teamfight to detect him during his ultimate. Report
Most Talons build armor penetration, so building armor is utterly useless until you hit around 250 armor, so high health items would prove more useful than high armor items Report
Talon is very vulnerable to ganks before he gets his lvl 6. Use this to your advantage and ask your jungler to gank. (Watch out, he still can cutthroat on you, your jungler or a minion to escape). Report
Upgrade red trinket at level 9, it will reveal talon's stealth Report
Remember that Shadow Assault can be used as an escape tool so, Lee Sin's Tempest or Sonic Wave, Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt or Twisted Fate's Destiny can reveal Talon even when he is stealthed. Report
Be sure to upgrade red trinket to see him during his ult. Report
Always try to dodge his W, if he hits both then he will probably go all in. His engages is dependent of his passive, he has to hit 3 damaging abilities. Usually those are W, W (return), and then a Q. His E gets a CD of 180 secs on the wall he jumped. Report
Stay out of his w range. The more stacks he has the more his passive will hurt you. Blind or silence his as often as you can. Report


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