How to beat Udyr
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Pray to gods the enemy Udyr didn't watch Trick2G and his way of playing Udyr (Godyr). If the ememy did [email protected] even if your team is 40/3. Report
Pay attention to how he builds. If he decides to build damage, you can focus him and kill him easily. Report
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Since Udyr has to get into melee range to do anything, taking snares and slows do extremely well against him. Report
Udyr is weak against mobile champions. Try to pick champions that can kite the udyr. Report
If you're playing a champion that uses Blade of the Ruined King, use it when he gains his movement speed boost to have a greater effect. Report
Always take care of the squishy champions, if Udyr focuses them and your team doesn't take care of them they're out completely. Report
Udyr is extremely vulnerable to CC and is very dependent on his movement speed. In team fights Udyr isn't the best team fighter, because of the little CC and AOE dmg he brings for his team. He's extremely strong early and mid, being able to gank easily. Report
Udyr is based on his e with ganking the speed he gets is for 3 second try to counter gank him or kill him when the midlaner is out of possition. Be carefull his abbilities have 2 sec cooldown for you can use another abbilitie try to fight him then Report
Pay attention to his summoner spell, try to flash aways another side of the wall if it is ghost. Report


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