How to beat Veigar with Ziggs Click here for How to beat Ziggs with Veigar
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Push like there is no tomorrow. Veigar has nothing to counterpush someone like Ziggs and his farming under the tower is terrible as he has a very slow autoattack. You will deny him massive amounts of gold just by pushing and throwing bombs at him. Report
Don't try use your W to jump over his stun, it won't work and you will be stunned midair. Report
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Run Barrier, Veigar's burst is terrifying and having the defensive summoner will keep you pretty safe from his 100-0 for the early and mid game. Report
Use W (satchel charge) keep him well away from you. When he approaches you to unleash his deadly but short ranged E-W-Q-R, throw it in front of him. Even if he somehow stuns you, the knockback can prevent him from actually casting his combo. Report
Try all mana regen runes. Coming into lane with 13 mana/5sec (156/min) will allow for even geater outsustain since he is so mana-hungry. Report


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