How to beat Yorick
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Running into a brush after he spawns a ghoul will remove the ghoul's agro from you, and it will start to attack lane minions pushing the lane towards you. Report
Yorick's Ghouls can be smited. Report
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If he casts his ultimate on his ally, killing Yorick will also kill the Revenant. Report
Be cautious when dueling a Yorick, as you'll be facing two of him at the same time. Report
Yorick has no escapes and will probably push his lane due to his Omen of Pestilence, meaning he's very vulnerable to ganks. Report
Try harassing Yorick immediately after his ghouls die, he will lose his attack damage buff. Report
If you are AD melee champion then buy hydra as it will also damage ghouls Report
If you're an AD bruiser, grab a Sunfire Cape. in teamfights you don't have to worry as much about his minions, as the cape will burn both them and him. Report
Don't fight if there isn't a tower or bush. Most Yoricks will still use their ghouls near your tower which wastes them, this is what you want. Having aoe burst like hydra for ghouls helps. Either tp for sustain or smite for teamfights is good on tanks. Report
Use champions who can outsustain him easily such as Nasus, Chogath and Xin Zhao(u can go ap) because he is really mana hungry you will win an nutrition war against him. If you're a AD champion rush a Vamp scepter Report


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