How to beat Zed with Ziggs Click here for How to beat Ziggs with Zed
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In case Zed ults you, drop your W below yourself. That way, after his ult animation ends, you'll immediately explode your W knocking Zed back and you aswell. That way you'll avoid the rest of the damage he needs for his ult. Report
Stay away from minions to make Zed choose to use Q against you or minions. Q him when he gets close for farm and play safe post 6 as his burst can take you down fast. Get Zhonya's and Chalice early and you should be fine. Report
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You just need to farm, be carful while zed is level6. Wait in team fight to kill him or if you can before!! but don't grid, don't let him give you free damage with his Q and E, if you can't farm with auto-attacks; Men you are Ziggs!!! i work so Good lu Report


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